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As you probably know, with the advent of iOS and iPadOS 14, we've seen some great new features. We can mention, for example, changes on the home screen, in addition to new security features, and last but not least, we can also mention the Sleep function, which is strongly linked to Apple Watch. However, it should be noted that you definitely do not need Apple Watch for Sleep to work, as it works without problems without them. Let's take a look at this article to see how you can completely set the Sleep feature on iPhone to suit you as much as possible.

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Convenience Store or Sleep?

At the very beginning, I would like to put things right, as far as the name of this function is concerned. Even before Apple came up with the Sleep function, you could set a Convenience Store on your iPhone, then you had to set an alarm clock on your Apple Watch every day and activate the cinema mode so that the watch would not light up in your sleep. With the advent of iOS 14, we saw the removal of the Convenience Store, which was replaced by Sleep – and it should be noted that this is a great replacement and you will not miss the Convenience Store in any way. Sleep can thus in a way be considered Convenience Store 2.0, which simply and easily changed its name. But now to the settings themselves.

iOS 14:

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Initial Sleep settings

If you do not use a third-party application to wake you up, you are using the native Clock application. Within this application you can set absolutely classic alarm clocks, but in addition to them you will find a section with the Sleep settings in the upper part of the application. If you have not yet activated this function in any way, you will see No alarm clock at the top of the Clock application. In order for some information to be displayed here, it is first necessary to set the function, of course. Within Sleep, for example, you can finally set a schedule for each day separately, along with Sleep mode, which is absolutely great – but more on that later. If you want to set Sleep as such, it is necessary to go to the Health application, where then click on Browsing in the bottom menu and finally move to the Sleep section.

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If you have never set Sleep before, after clicking on the above section, you will see a short guide in which you can set the schedule itself, along with alarm clocks. Of course, the wizard is very simple and each of you can set it up. However, if you have ever set Sleep, or if you want to adjust the settings, then it is necessary to click through the individual sections. Of course, in this article we will not completely convince you about sleep habits and sleep hygiene, in any case, it is generally true that one should sleep between six and eight hours a day. Of course, each of us is different, and while someone needs to sleep six hours a day, others have to sleep at least eight hours a day on a regular basis.

Key sleep schedule settings

Within Sleep, the most important thing is to set the already mentioned schedule correctly – everything derives from it. You can make a complete change of the schedule in Sleep in the section Full schedule and options, which can be found under the category Your schedule. If you click on this option, it is first necessary to activate the Sleep Schedule. You can then click Add schedule for other days below to set when you need to get up on certain days, or click Edit to edit the existing schedule. It is in this setting that Sleep is significantly different from Convenience Store, as we can finally set a schedule for individual days (for most, especially weekdays and especially weekends). So when adding a schedule, set the time when you want to go to bed and then the time when the application should wake you up. Below you will find options for (de) activating the alarm, sound settings and snooze. This time, gradually add schedules until you have everything set up completely.

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Other great features

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Below in the Full Schedule section is the Additional Details category. Here you can set the Sleep target, ie the number of hours you want to sleep per day. It is necessary to set the sleep goal so that you are of course able to meet it, but on the other hand you need to be at least a little motivated by setting it – if you meet the goals, the application can also praise you. There is also the Night Sleep option, where you can set how long your device will be muted before Sleep is activated to prepare you for sleep. You will then not receive any notifications in Night Rest, similar to Do Not Disturb. There is then an Options section, where there are other preferences, which relate, for example, to the display of information on the lock screen, etc. With the Sleep function also comes Sleep mode, which is activated automatically by default. However, you can also add the icon for this mode to the control center, which is definitely useful. When Hibernation is initiated, the lock screen dims with alarm information.

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Settings in the Clock application

In order to be close to the Sleep setting, ie so that you do not have to go to the Health application every time, certain settings are also displayed directly in the Clock application. Just click the Change button in the Sleep category. Within this setting, you only adjust the schedule for the next wake-up, ie if you find out, for example, that you don't have to get up so early for school or work tomorrow. Here you can set the time for the next wake-up, along with activating the alarm and setting sounds and snooze. At the very bottom is the sleep schedule you set, which you can edit by clicking Edit Sleep Schedule. From my point of view, the Sleep function on the iPhone is really very sophisticated and the good news is that you definitely don't need an Apple Watch to use it. However, the apple watch offers the possibility of vibration excitation, together with more accurate measurements, display of notifications, etc.

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