Confirmed: The MacBook Pro 16 B Magic Keyboard is much quieter than most competitors

Apple's keyboard design, aptly named Butterfly, is long past the zenith, and although the company doesn't want to damn it yet, it has focused on a new, more traditional type of keyboard. For this reason, the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro has gone back to the roots and offers a standard keyboard scissor mechanism that is supposed to be quieter than predecessor. After all, it's no wonder Butterfly Design has been blamed for a long time that the keys are too noisy and impractical. But how is the MacBook Pro doing the typing test?





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The new Apple Notebook has been out for a while and, according to technology enthusiasts and users, it is a step in the right direction. Aside from the hardware improvements, the biggest change was probably the replacement of the Butterfly keyboard with a more traditional variant, which, according to Apple, is much quieter, more pleasant and comfortable than the Butterfly design. He has been carrying apple devices since 2015 and so far has proved to be relatively impractical. But to prove the claims of a California giant, the new MacBook Pro passed the silence test and measured its strength with Google's competing Pixelbook Go and other devices. It has ultra-quiet keys to ensure inaudible typing on the keyboard. Both laptops have been tested in a special soundproofed room in Cooper Union, New York University, where it is possible to measure object-based sound almost perfectly without bouncing off walls.

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  Jiří Filip Nov 13, 2019 55

Testing was done using a decibel meter and typing the same section on each of the keyboards. The worst case was the typing machine, which together climbed to 60.2 decibels and, on the contrary, the best performance was just Pixelbook Go from Google with solid 30.1 decibels. However, even the Apple MacBook Pro did not perform at all badly and took second place. However, little was missing and could become the right winner, as the sound of the old-new keyboard was only around 30.3 decibels. So it looks like Apple has definitely not stepped along and should follow the more traditional keyboard design in the future. Users will be much happier and the apple company will not have to worry about so many complaints related to Butterfly keyboards. You may also want to check out the overview below for the results of each device:

Typewriter – 60.2 decibels
MacBook Air with Butterfly Keyboard – 41.9 decibels
Surface Laptop 3 – 33.8 decibels
Dell XPS 13 – 32.3 decibels
2015 MacBook Pro – 31.2 decibels
16 ″ MacBook Pro with ‘Magic Keyboard’ – 30.3 decibels
Pixelbook Go – 30.1 decibels

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