Coronavirus: 4.4 million SMS within 3 days received in 13033

There are a large number of citizens who choose to send an SMS to 13033 for their exceptional travel under the new coronavirus protection measures. Specifically and in accordance with the latest available data quoted by the Ministry of Digital Governance in its announcement:


– During its first 24 hours of operation (from 6 in the morning of 23 March to 6 in the morning of 24 March) its 13033 service processed 1.3 million valid SMS messages, representing 65% of the total messages received.
– In the second 24 hours, from 6am on 24 March to 6am on 25 March, 13033 processed 1.8 million valid messages, representing 81% of the total messages received by the service. The number of valid messages increased by 38.5% compared to the first 24 hours.
– In the third 24 hour period, from 6 in the morning of 25 March to 6 in the morning of 26 March, 13033 processed 1.3 million valid messages, representing 85% of the total messages received by the service.

The above figures, and in particular the daily increase in the proportion of valid messages, show that citizens are becoming more and more familiar with the service. It is also noted that instructions for writing a message and sending it to 13033 are available in the relevant section of Please note that sending an SMS to 13033 is free of charge.

Also, the Ministry of Digital Governance has informed that in recent weeks and compared to the beginning of March, there has been an increase in data traffic – mainly on fixed networks – which is up to 50% as a result of citizens' communication, which takes place almost exclusively through telecommunications networks.

The additional traffic has been adequately processed by the relevant telecommunication networks operating in our country. It is emphasized, however, that telecommunications resources are not unlimited and that their respective infrastructures have specific capacities and upgrading capabilities.

Responsible use of telecommunications infrastructures is a key parameter in the present circumstances and the detailed information contained in the instructions issued by the Ministry of Digital Governance on March 16, 2019, is important for all of us to ensure the uninterrupted provision of services.



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