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We spend a lot of time accessing web pages that are interesting to us, either to satisfy our appetite for information or because we must access that content regularly for work or errands. Access by entering the URL in the search engine can be a heavy task, especially if this movement of the fingers on the screen is done continuously. That is why we come to tell you quickly and easily how to create a direct access on your Android smartphone to a website that looks like an app, in order to save yourself time.

For example, if you are a regular user to visit our website to read daily the news that happens with your favorite brand, the best thing is to create an app-style web shortcut on your smartphone.

To do this, go to your browser and access the website that you visit the most, in our case we select

Xiaomi4mi - create Xiaomi Android shortcut

Once you are on the web, click on the three dots, or on browser settings depending on the app you use to navigate. At that moment you will be shown the option> Add to home screen.

Once we have done these steps, a screen will appear with which we can customize the name that we want it to have in app format, and it will be shown on the desktop of our smartphone.

In this way, we can access the web whenever we want through direct access, thus making it easier to visit the web daily, without too many waiting times.

This simple and quick trick will save us loading and waiting times. We hope you have found it interesting. If you are looking for more tips or help visit our Guides section.

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