Do you like Rubik's cube? Then you'll love the new Eclidus for iOS

Apple games in the form of shooting games, RPG games and extensive adventure games we have had a lot of lately, but how about letting train brain threads some logical game? After all, you certainly tried to fold Rubik's cube, think about its principle, or just try to fold the cube by trial and error. However, time has progressed, and the developers at Eruption Games thought it would be more convenient and tempting to convert this pun to mobile display screens. That was the end of the game, and the Eclidus game was created, which will not let us sleep.

If you say a puzzle game, most fans will think of puzzles, various tasks, or joining some patterns. The beginning of similar games, however, lies in Rubik's cube, which has been with us for some time. Today, however, the eyes of the vast majority of players are staring at the mobile screens, and so the creators of Eruption Games came up with a solution to this mother of modern logical puns returning faded glory. They created a small but quite addictive game Eclidus, which will simulate 2D Rubik's cube and offer uncompromising difficulty. The action is so complicated, according to the developers, that both Rubik's cube solvers and the Pyramidx masters based on the same principle, only in the shape of a pyramid, had a problem with it.


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The individual parts offer a number of combinations, including various shapes and colors, which makes composing much more complicated. Frustration is likely to be one of the things players will simply have to get used to, as well as the feeling that they may never manage to solve Eclidus correctly. Indeed, the entire hexagonal surface will have 24 triangles and the possibility of repositioning it will be millions. In any case, it is an interesting pun and at the same time a remarkable test and challenge for those who have logic games in their finger. We'll see how players deal with the solution, but it is certain that Eclidus will be far from everyone. Patience and humility are required. However, if you feel less brain-ventilated, head to the App Store for $ 49.

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