Do you want to drive through the neon streets? Retro Drive for iOS will make it possible for you

If you are looking forward to the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 from the Polish studio CD Projekt RED and you are constantly depressed by the fact that the game was postponed until September, we have good news for you. Classic cyberpunk games are slow and only a handful of them can be described as quality. For this reason, independent developers have taken the reins and hurried with their own alternative, where we will drive through neon streets and test speed limits in a typical car from the 80's.

The genre of cyberpunk games was until recently an inexhaustible source of ideas, but then came the CD Projekt RED and decided to create the most ambitious and largest game of this type – Cyberpunk 2077. Many developers gave up their attempts and prefer to wait for what will fall out of the Polish studio. Fortunately, however, the independent creators were not afraid and with their prank Retro Drive they try to attract lovers of flashy neon and street racing. In Retro Drive, we will do just this, and that is to drive through the colorful streets and try to conquer other racers. Of course, there will be a really epic accompanying synthwave soundtrack, which includes such stars as Phantom ’87, Futurecop !, Highway Superstar, Lost Outrider, Michael Oakley or Neon Nox. The game works on the basis of jukeboxing, so you can always play what will pump your blood in your veins in a given situation.

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Equally diverse is the number of game modes, where you can cut a few laps on time, or, conversely, enjoy the ride and embark on a creative mode. In addition, the developers intend to regularly enrich Retro Drive with additional content and supply the game with additional tracks, so you won't be bored. Intuitive gameplay, color combinations and an epic soundtrack also ensure that the title will pin you to the screen for just a few hours and will not let you go. So if you want to enjoy the authentic cyberpunk atmosphere of the 80's, we recommend that you head to the App Store and download this non-traditional game.

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