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Do you want to increase your chances of getting acquainted? Buy an iPhone and an Apple Watch - GEARCOUPON

Do you want to increase your chances of getting acquainted? Buy an iPhone and an Apple Watch

What we will talk about is that in the technological world, very strange and relatively absurd studies are being created on a daily basis, which do not always make sense, and investment in them is at least pofider. This time, however, we bring you an absolutely serious training from the latest sociological fad, which will help you drop your horoscopes and instead look at your love life through the eyes of technology. After all, how many of you have caught on to constantly wondering why you can't find the perfect partner. Is it money? Not being beautiful enough? Are you too busy and have little time to get to know each other? Well, science has a simple and relatively straightforward answer to everything troubles. There is nothing behind your love failures but a smartphone!

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Jiří Filip

August 25, 2020


Behind the least humorous and no less absurd study is the company CompareMyMobile, which, as the name suggests, examined the influence of the phone brand on attractiveness. And we're not kidding, after all, millennials hold smartphones in their hands almost all the time, and it's no wonder that while girls used to pack for a real sports parish and non-traditional cars, today you charm a young girl especially with her size and endurance. Of course the phone, what else that. According to the study, up to 75% of young people are interested in what kind of equipment their potential half is holding in their hands when dating. However, let's get straight to the point, by which we understand, of course, the statistics themselves, without which no proper study can do without.

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BlackBerry Android

BlackBerry Android





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As you can already guess, the biggest hit among millennials and even younger generations is, of course, Apple, which can contribute up to 76% to your attractiveness. And if, by chance, in addition to the iPhone, your wrists are also surrounded by an Apple Watch, you can add another 61%. If you have Apple AirPods sticking out of your ear, you don't have to worry, you're also not bad at the rankings and your hope for a relationship is around 41%. However, we must disappoint Samsung owners a bit, as even the latest cat in the form of a 6.9-inch Galaxy Note 20 5G model will provide them with only 19% for good. However, it does not always have to be an improvement and there are also situations where exposing a smartphone to show is rather counterproductive. One of them is Google Pixel, which will reduce your attractiveness by 10% and in the case of devices from Sony, you will get up to 14% in the red. Worse is perhaps the only smartphone from traditional smartphones Huawei, when your market capitalization drops by 23%, and OnePlus, where we get to 30%.

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<p>But if you are attracted by the vision of a lonely life, when you will never find a partner and your loved ones turn away from you, we have great news for you. There is one exceptional phone that will not only make you a complete loner, but will also ensure that you never dare to look in the mirror again. And it's not about anyone other than the BlackBerry brand, which will reduce your chances of a possible relationship by 74%. Although the company boasts a 5G smartphone, you should think about whether the few tens or hundreds of megabytes are worth it. And if your interest in becoming a outcast of society still persists, one last statistic will surely please you. Up to 70% of women between the ages of 30 and 35 base their relationship exclusively on the phone brand.</p>
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