Donald Trump has banned TikTok in the US

The thing that seemed quite unlikely a few weeks ago will be almost 100% complete today. We are specifically talking about the social network TikTok and its ban in the USA, which Donald Trump announced a short time ago.

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Pavel Jelič

June 12, 2020


TikTik has long been perceived by US politicians, led by Donald Trump, as a security risk for the United States, as the Chinese government is to use it to spy on it. Although a private Chinese company is behind the application, due to the communist regime in the country, this fact cannot be taken as a guarantee of security. In addition to the USA, this is also the case in India, where this application was banned a few weeks ago as well.

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The ban on TikTok in the USA will undoubtedly be a severe blow for him, which will definitely mark him very negatively. Much of the content on this network is made up of American users. However, it can be assumed that they can use a VPN or other tricks to circumvent the ban and will continue to use the social network. After all, for many of them it is a very decent source of income.

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