Dropbox with new features: password manager, Vault, computer backup and Dropbox Family

Dropbox extends its Dropbox-Plus offer with new (beta) functions. The company hopes that users will be able to better organize the essential aspects of their (online) life. One of these features is the new password manager called Dropbox Passwords. After taking over Valt last year, Dropbox will enable its users to connect to websites and apps in the future, through which everyone can save and synchronize their passwords on all their devices with zero-knowledge encryption.

But that was not all.

Dropbox Vault: This new feature offers a data vault where users can store and organize their most important documents. In addition, users can give certain friends or family members special access – so they can access the data vault in the event of an emergency. Dropbox Vault offers an additional level of security thanks to its 6-digit PIN.

We had already reported on the beta version of the computer backup in advance – now the fun will also be officially presented, albeit still as a beta. This feature automatically saves the folders on the Mac or PC in the Dropbox so that the files are available on the go and can be called up at any time.

All of these features are now available for new Dropbox Plus users in beta on mobile devices, for current Dropbox Plus users the features will be available in the coming weeks. Computer backup is now also available for Dropbox Basic and Dropbox Professional users.

Dropbox also announced Dropbox Family – a new Dropbox subscription that brings up to six users with separate accounts. With this subscription, families receive a common digital area in which, for example, family photos and important family documents can be shared. In addition to all Dropbox Plus features, each member has a private area for storing files. Billing is uniform. Dropbox Family will be available for Dropbox Plus users in the coming weeks – for all other users during the year.

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