Edifier TWS1 vs QCY T1, which is better?

Some of my readers are interested in a comparison review between Edifier TWS1 and QCY T1. So this time I will share my review on these two TWS earbuds. So let’s see Edifier TWS1 vs QCY T1, which is better.

We have done two reviews for Edifier TWS1 before. They are:

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1. Packaging

I really want to skip this part. Because packagings of both Edifier TWS1 and QCY T1 are poor. If you really want me to tell who is better, then Edifier TWS1’s packaging should be better. QCY T1 really saves a lot on its packaging. The accessories are all a micro-USB cable and three pairs of silicone earmuffs. Edifier TWS1’s earmuffs are transparent, which look better than QCY T1’s.

2. Appearance

Edifier TWS1 vs QCY T1

Because QCY T1’s box has no cover, it always looks weird. And it is easy to fall into the ground. And It is hard to clean up inside. As for the sizes, QCY T1 is slender, and TWS1 is slightly thicker. Anyway, they are not small in size. When putting them into the pocket, you will not feel comfortable. In fact, it is very difficult to make a good texture in white color. But TWS1 is not bad.

Edifier TWS1 vs QCY T1
Edifier TWS1 vs QCY T1

The back is still the micro-USB port for both Edifier TWS1 and QCY T1. In 2019 this design is not good at all because we are always using USB type-C port.

Edifier TWS1 vs QCY T1

The charging pins of TWS1 is taller than T1. R and L font on the earbuds are very rough.

3. Earbuds body

As we can see in the pictures, TWS1’s body is bigger than QCY T1’s. And when wearing, TWS1 is obviously more stable than T1. But both of them are not as confortable as Airpods.

4. Sound quality

Edifier TWS1 uses the latest qcc3020 chip, supports SBC and aptx. When connecting to my Xiaomi Note 3, it shows aptx icon on the phone. QCY T1 supports SBC and aac. And aac is displayed when the phone is connected. Just listened to a few APE and 320kbps MP3, I feel TWS1’s sound is a little stronger. But QCT T1’s bass is stronger. Edifier TWS1’s bass is a bit dry and thin.

Another thing is that when using, QCY T1’s left earbud is always getting disconnected. I don’t know why this happens. It really influence my experience.

5. Summary

After testing them, my personal experience is that Edifier TWS1 is better than T1. TWS1 has a better design, wearing experience and sound quality. Of course, TWS1 has a higher price. If you are chasing for high cost-effect, then I suggest you choose QCY T1. QCY T1 is actually from the same factory as Redmi Airdots. So the quality won’t be so bad. Here is my review for Redmi Airdots is you are also interested in it:

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So folks, Edifier TWS1 vs QCY T1, which one you think is better?

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