Edifier TWS2 review: High cost-effective choice?

Recently, we did a review for Edifier TWS1 and received some good feedback. So we decided to review more Edifier earbuds to see if Edifier TWS earbuds series are good.

These days, I bought the Edifier TWS2. Its price is not very high. This time I will share my unboxing and review on Edifier TWS2. Let’s see if it is as good as TWS1.

1. Unboxing

From its outer packaging, you can find the relevant information about Edifier TWS1, including appearance, manufacturer, specifications, promotional points, etc.

After unboxing, you can see the earphones placing in the charging box. There are three earmuffs in different sizes, a charging cable and an instruction. The charging box is compact, with charging interface and power display. The indicator light alerts the remaining battery when you open or close the charging box.

You can take the earphones very easily out of the charging box. The overall weight is very light. The earphones can be automatically absorbed during the pick-and-place process. So the storage is very convenient. But the earmuffs are easy to suck dust.

2. Usage

The appearance of Edifier TWS2 is small and light. After wearing it, I immediately feel very effectively isolated from the outside noise. Many noises of the ambient sound can be isolated. No matter whether you shake your head or run, it will not fall. It is very convenient to use during exercise.

Edifier TWS2 has IPX4 waterproof. Although the level is not very high, enough to meet the daily life use. But I think Edifier TWS2 is not suitable for long-term wear, otherwise, it will have a little pressure on the ear.

3. Bluetooth connection

The earbuds are automatically paired when you use it for the first time. Users need to search and connect it on the phone. The secondary connection can be automatically connected when you take it out of the charging box. It really saves time.

Bluetooth V5.0 is a good connection mode among many earphones. It is very fast in the trial connection and can be immediately connected after being taken out. The transmission is also very stable. And it can be transmitted within 8 meters. However, due to the limit of the wireless connection technology, when playing games, sometimes the sound is delayed.

4. Sound quality

In fact, for the earbuds within this price range, I do not have high expectation. After listening to some songs, the real feeling is much better than other unfamous brands. The treble is louder and brighter. And the bass is thicker. In the sound effect, the noise is relatively large,
you can clearly hear if you are in a quiet environment.

The overall sound quality is within my imagination. If you do not require a high sound quality you can definitely consider it. The phone call is also very clear. And the sound insulation is unexpectedly good.

5. Battery life

The official date shows the battery life is 3 hours. The charging box can charge the earbuds for 3 times. The total battery life is around 12 hours. During the test, I found the battery life is even more than 3 hours, which is satisfactory for users who use the headphones at a low frequency.

6. Summary

In short, as one of the top audio brands in China, Edifier TWS2 is very good. The appearance, quality, sound quality of it are worthy of its price. In my opinion, Edifier brand is quite trustable and I recommend to buy it.

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