Edifier TWS5 VS TWS1-very small difference?

Recently, I have reviewed two Edifier earbuds, Edifier TWS5 and Edifier TWS1. Customers are wondering what is the difference between them because from the specs they are almost the same. This time I will do a review to compare them. So let’s see Edifier TWS5 VS Edifier TWS1, which one is better?


From the specs, we can find the main difference points for Edifier TWS5 and Edifier TWS1 are:

  1. The main control chip of Edifier TWS5 is QCC3026, which is better than the QCC3020 chip of TWS1. QCC3026 is the representative model of Qualcomm QCC series chip. It adopts a smaller WLCSP package than 3020, which has higher integration. But manufacturing is more difficult.
  2. 2Edifier TWS5 uses the wool felt diaphragm. The sound quality is better than TWS1. The sound quality of TWS5 is closer to tri-band equalization. It has better analytical and dynamic performance.
  3. Edifier TWS5 uses LDS laser engraving antenna, so RF signal is stronger.
  4. The three-pin charging method of Edifier TWS5 brings better battery management effects to the charging box. But TWS only has a two-pin charging method. In addition, Edifier TWS5 also uses metal paint to enhance the texture of the earbuds and the charging box. The top of the charging box is equipped with a support. And the multi-indicator indicates the current battery of the charging box.

Packaging comparison

It’s a double price difference between Edifier TWS5 and TWS1. TWS5 box is about three times the size of TWS1.

Take a look at them after unpacking. Edifier really saves a lot of material on TWS1.

Edifier TWS5 even has removal equipment so that you can take it out of the packaging easily.

A true picture of luxury and ordinary.

Charging box comparison

The charging box of Edifier TWS5 uses a matte material which feels good and has a good grade.

The charging box of Edifier TWS1 uses a mirror-painted material, which is slightly cheaper. But the advantage comes out, small and light.

After opening the charging box, the battery compartment of Edifier TWS5 responds randomly to display the battery capacity. And the indicator light is clear.

But the charging box of Edifier TWS1 has only one red indicator light. I can’t check if the battery is full.

Let’s continue to review the charging box. The charging box of Edifier TWS5 has a stronger spring than TWS1. Spring on the charging box of TWS1 feels creepy.

Earbuds body comparison

Let’s take the bodies of the earbuds out and compare them. Edifier TWS5 is obviously bigger than TWS1.

As the specs said, Edifier TWS5 only uses the three-pin charging method, while TWS1 only has two pins.

Sound quality comparison

When I listened to the first song, I realized immediately why people love Edifier TWS 5 so much. The low frequency is just right, not too much, not too less. The high frequency is clean. But the resolution of the sound is not very good. The restoration of the mid-frequency vocals is more natural and realistic. and the vocal position is attractive. The most surprising thing is that the earbuds are very good for some rock and instrumental music.

Weight comparison

The total weight of Edifier TWS5 is 57.2 grams.

The total weight of Edifier TWS1 is 41.1 grams.

The weight of Edifier TWS5’s body is 11.7 grams.

The weight of Edifier TWS1’s body is 9 grams.


As we can see, even the price of Edifier TWS1 is much lower than TWS5, it still has its advantages. So if you want better performance, choose TWS5. If you do not have enough budget, choose TWS1. So folks, which one you gonna choose?

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