Electronic highway stamp 2021: How to buy a highway stamp for next year via iPhone

The last weeks and months have been dealing with a lot in our company. So many may have forgotten that electronic highway stamps were promised on January 1, 2021. Although unlikely, it will actually happen, and on January 1, 2021, we can stop giving paper coupons for glass.

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The main advantage, apart from the absent need to peel off the coupon from the glass, is the fact that the electronic motorway stamp will be valid for 365 days, and not for a calendar year, as has been the case so far. Another benefit is, of course, the ability to buy a highway sign from the comfort of your home. There is no need to travel to the gas station, but there is still a risk that it will be sold out. The electronic stamp will go to buy through the e-shop and will only take you a few minutes. When ordering, you will need to enter an email or phone number to confirm the purchase. Even so, it will be possible to buy the motorway stamp in stone shops and at selected petrol stations.

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Amaya Tomanová November 2, 2020 6

Of course, prices will not change. An annual coupon will cost you CZK 1,500, a monthly coupon CZK 440 and a ten-day coupon CZK 310. Vehicles powered by natural gas and biomethane then pay 1000/300/200. Highway tolls then do not have to be paid by owners of cars for electricity, hydrogen or if they have a car in combination with another fuel, provided that the CO2 value does not exceed 50 g / km. Furthermore, these are historic vehicles with special registration plates, vehicles transporting people with a ZTP and ZTP / P card and the like. It will be possible to purchase electronic motorway stamps from 1 December. So how exactly will it work?

You select the type of electronic highway sign
Fill in the state of registration and license plate of the vehicle
You select the beginning of validity (or claim a discount)
You pay

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