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Elon Musk's favorite game adds the biggest expansion ever - GEARCOUPON

Elon Musk’s favorite game adds the biggest expansion ever

Eccentric dollar billionaire Elon Musk makes no secret of the fact that he likes to play a video game from time to time. His most popular title is the Battle of Polytopia mobile strategy, which he began praising years ago. Thanks to the connection with a famous personality, the game is doing very well. Developers from Midjiwan AB have now introduced a new extension that adds diplomatic bargaining and conspiracy to the game for free. The expansion, simply called Diplomacy, is the largest expansion in the history of angular strategy.

Diplomacy gives players the opportunity to take advantage of completely new features. There are now different types of alliance formation and peace agreements available in the game. You can then re-broadcast spies to your competitors on the game map to secure an information advantage. In wars against your rivals, you will also use the new Cloaks unit. They can intertwine unnoticed between enemy units and strike at the enemy’s reserve.

Battle of Polytopia otherwise draws on legendary tactical strategies, such as the Civilization series. A simple graphic jacket hides a very complex affair, where you can spend tens and hundreds of hours. Recently, Musk himself described Polytopia as more complex than Chess. Apparently the billionaire didn’t take his tweet very seriously, but the game really does offer unexpected complexity. If you want to try it with the new extension, head to the App Store, where you can download Polytopia for free.

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