Email backup: MailStore Home 13.0 released

Email backup MailStore Home 13.0 released - Email backup: MailStore Home 13.0 released

We have accompanied the MailStore Home software for many, many years – and now version 13.0 has been released. As always, MailStore is available in different versions, the home version, which is free – and on the other hand there is also the business edition. MailStore Home is software that archives mails. Has been working for a long time as described in this guide.

MailStore Home taps into your email accounts on request and makes your emails storable and searchable in an encrypted archive. Although there are many ways to store mail these days, for my part MailStore is still the best (and also portable) tool for private users. Unfortunately MailStore Home is only available for Windows, but on other platforms you can, if necessary, move the mails to other IMAP folders, download them offline or otherwise save them.

MailStore Server and the MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE) now support OAuth2 and OpenID Connect in the new version, which leads to an improved integration of MailStore archiving products in the public cloud services of Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite. The new two-stage login process follows the login procedure of modern web applications and MailStore no longer has to process passwords from remote users for authentication. In addition, the new dedicated Microsoft 365 archiving and export profiles make it easier for the IT administrator to configure the profile. Here, too, the support of modern OAuth2 authentication not only improves security, but also integration with Microsoft 365, according to the developers.

Of course, the free version is a bit different, but there are also a few innovations:

Improved When you click on the folder path in the message view, the folder is opened and the messages contained in it are displayed.

Fixed passwords with spaces at the beginning or at the end cannot be used in Exchange / Microsoft 365 archiving profiles, although it is supported by Microsoft 365.

Fixed "IPM.Note.NotSupportedICal" messages generate an ErrorAccessDenied error when archiving Microsoft 365 mailboxes.

Fixed installer: 7-Zip Self Extractor updated to current version.

Fixed Comprehensive update to a third-party component that addresses numerous problems with archiving, viewing, and exporting email.

Fixed various minor bug fixes and improvements.

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