Epic Games wants Scott Forstall to testify against Apple in court. We don't have a number for it, says Apple

As part of its legal battle with Apple, Epic Games is seeking the testimony of one of Cupert's former employees, Scott Forstall. Forstall left Apple in 2013. Many sources said at the time that it was more or less a forced departure, due to disagreements over the then relatively new Apple Maps. After his departure, Forstall practically disappeared from public life and appeared in the media very rarely, working on Broadway productions. Epic Games now wants to interview Forstall about his activities during the launch of the App Store. Forstall should testify against Apple in this legal battle.

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According to court documents from mid-December last year, Apple was supposed to help contact Forstall with Epic Games. But she now claims that she only kept her promises and that she is not in contact with Forstall. The reason why the representatives of Epic Games did not actively contact Forstall themselves is the just mentioned promise, according to which Apple had to arrange everything necessary. The two companies preliminarily agreed on a meeting to be held on February 11. Ten days before the deadline, however, Apple said that Forstall allegedly did not respond to his invitation to participate. Epic Games asked Apple to contact Forstall, and Apple subsequently provided her with Forstall's P.O. Box and Twitter with the fact that he is not authorized to provide his phone number as well. Apple has set another deadline for March 10, and representatives of Epic Games are still trying to get Forstall themselves. There is still great doubt about the voluntary nature of Forstall's departure from Apple at the time, and there is therefore a relatively high probability that he would not have to side with Apple in court.

Shortly after Epic Games officials publicly stated that they were unable to get Forstall, Apple said it did not have its phone number. The management of Epic Games said that Apple now claims that it never offered the possibility of arranging contact with Forstall. According to Epic Games, Scott Forstall could become a relatively important witness in the lawsuit. The dispute revolves mainly around the App Store, and Before leaving the company, Forstall served as senior vice president for iOS software.

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