Escaped from iOS 15: Apple is preparing a redesigned Lock Screen and a new style of notifications

Although Apple always introduces new versions of its operating systems in June, many weeks or months before they are unveiled, various leaks have come to light, which reveal them in advance. The very accurate leaker LP iHacktu Pro has now taken care of one really big one, which in the past flashed a number of accurate predictions. So according to his sources, what will iOS 15 bring?

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iOS 15

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Are you bored of the design of the Lock Screen, or if you want locked screens of the iPhone together with the implementation of notifications that can be displayed on it? Then we have very good news for you. According to the leaker's sources, Apple itself is bored with these elements, which is why it decided to rework them in iOS 15. It is not clear how exactly it will change at the moment, but at least in the case of Lock Screen, its greater adaptability can be considered, thanks to which it would display much more information than it does now. In addition, this step would make Apple partially pave the way for the arrival of iPhones 13 with Always-on support on the display. As for the notifications, for them, any prediction regarding their processing is purely by divination from a crystal ball, so that speculation does not make much sense here. However, it is possible that, unlike the Lock Screen, they will be more of a cosmetic adjustment, for example in the form of a different style of display or something similar.

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