Escaped from iOS 15: The control center, Settings and other native applications will change on iPhones

The iOS 15 operating system is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated OS of this year. Although his performance is still relatively far away, we already know a lot of interesting information about him, which reveals it to us in advance. So what to expect from the "fifteen"?

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The last drastic changes were made to the iOS control center in 2017 as part of iOS 11. Since then, Apple has modified it a few times, but it has usually been microscopic, for example in the form of changing the design of individual controls or changing the location of individual tiles. However, according to leaker sources, we do not expect anything like this this year. The control center should allegedly be rebuilt with a larger knowledge, and although it is generally expected to retain its design face, its concept is very likely to be changed to be even more user-friendly. The same in the pale blue leaker claims about the Settings application and then several other native applications from Apple's workshop. The truth is that Apple has been working on Settings in recent years, but even here it was more of a minor design. So this year should bring a bigger wind in this direction. You can see what the control center now looks like in the gallery next to this paragraph.

It can be expected that in the coming weeks another lot of leaks will come to light, which the news in iOS 15, as well as other versions of the new Apple OS, will reveal to us in advance. As for their official unveiling, it will take place, as usual, during the WWDC developer conference in June, which Apple will most likely hold as it did last year due to the online coronavirus pandemic. After the unveiling of the systems, they will immediately start their beta testing, which will not end until September before the introduction of the new iPhones.

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