ESR stylus review: An excellent universal alternative to the Apple Pencil for a very nice price

Not only Apple Pencil needs to be used to control the iPad – domestic e-shops with electronics and accessories offer a number of more affordable and interesting alternatives. One of them is the ESR digital stylus, which the iPouzdro website offers in two color variants. How does it work with the iPad and what intrigued me?


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The packaging of the ESR digital pen is simple, perfectly compact and safe. The stylus is stored in an elegant box, the package includes, in addition to the pen itself, a cover and a shorter microUSB cable for charging. In addition, the package also includes an elegant glove made of lightweight material for easier work on larger screens.


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The ESR digital stylus boasts an elegant, simple, minimalist look in both color variants. White (or black) durable plastic is combined with thin strips of shiny metal. The tip of the ESR digital pen is metal, at the top of the stylus there is a power button with a LED indicating the charging status. There is a microUSB port at the very top of the stylus. The tip of the stylus can be protected during transport with a cover made of durable soft silicone. The stylus looks really great, elegant, holds comfortably in the hand and is surprisingly light.


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The ESR digital stylus pleasantly surprised me in several ways. Above all, there is no need to pair it in any way – it works immediately, it is compatible with smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android, it works reliably, the response is immediate. I was not disappointed when controlling the devices or writing and drawing in applications such as Notes or Adobe Sketch. The stylus is easy to work with, it can easily handle not only classic tapping and selection, but also gestures – moving up and down and to the sides. With the help of a digital stylus on the iPhone and iPad, it was possible to activate the Control Center without any problems, move individual surfaces and move with application windows. On the iPad, it was even possible to draw most of the time with your hand on the screen. The manufacturer states that the ESR stylus can be fully charged in as little as 1.5 hours, which has been confirmed, as well as the endurance of 10 hours (this information applies to continuous use, so in fact and during normal work the stylus lasts much longer). The stylus works really precisely, there was no need to get used to it in any complicated way – in short, it did its job from the moment I first started using it. A huge advantage is also the automatic detection of inactivity – the stylus switches itself off after half an hour of inactivity, which saves significant battery power. It will last in standby mode for up to thirty days.

In conclusion

The ESR digital stylus clearly impressed me. I already have experience with accessories of a similar type and I have always returned to the Apple Pencil, but during testing the stylus for review purposes, I did not even remember the apple stylus. The stylus looks good, is reliable and works great. It became a full-fledged alternative for me, for example, on the road, where I did not want to take the Apple Pencil for various reasons. The iPhone was also pleasant to use with it, the stylus even understood the display of my Apple Watch.

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You can buy the ESR touch pen in white here.
You can buy the ESR touch pen in black here.

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