Eufy Security: Two-factor authentication is coming

I report quite regularly about the security cameras of some manufacturers, which is due to the fact that some of them are used in my environment or for myself. Currently in use with me, among other things: cameras from Eufy, since they store their content on their own base and therefore no subscription fees. Nevertheless, I have had to criticize in every test report that the two-factor authentication is missing. You obviously want to rework it, because the Eufy security app has received an update on the iOS platform.

With this version, Eufy removes a button from the bottom bar of the app that was only added with the last update. Too many people have complained, because the rider was practically the gateway to the Eufy product world, i.e. advertising.

The changelog still mentions two-factor authentication for the regions of Canada and Germany. But the fact is that I couldn't spot this point in the app, and no reinstallation of the app helps either. But Eufy now wants to install that and that's a plus. As soon as something can be found, I will get back to you.

And as always, my tip applies: only buy Eufy and Anker at the original price in an emergency, they have at least 1x to 2x a month any offers – such as the eufyCam 2C and the wireless video doorbell with battery.

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