eufyCam: Set up 2-factor authentication

What a back and forth with some manufacturers. eufy, manufacturer of various devices, including cameras, recently listed the important 2-factor authentication in the changelog. But it was not to be found, so I asked when it could be expected. In July, it said. Now brisk start and start of direct distribution. If you should use the eufyCam with the Eufy security app, then you need to add further protection. 2-factor authentication means: Not only username and password are required to get into your account, but another key. Either a code or a familiar device.

To set up 2-factor authentication for the eufy account, you have to click in the app on your account name and select the 2-factor authentication item. Eufy does not need an Auth app, but will send the code for new registrations via email or SMS. After activation, a trustworthy device can be added, which logically no longer needs a code later and can also serve as a "confirmation" when you add a new device.

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