Facebook is preparing another interesting improvement for its mobile application. This is what it looks like

If you ask users about their overall satisfaction with the Facebook mobile application – either in the version for iOS or for Android – the reactions are rather mixed. However, Facebook is trying to make its application as attractive as possible, so it is starting to gradually spread a completely new feature. A few weeks ago, developer Jane Manchun Wong found out that Facebook was testing the possibility of changing the background color in its application. The feature didn't look very good at the time – its initial version looked like the profile photo was framed by a colored circle separating the section from the background.

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But Facebook seems to have worked hard to improve this feature. For the background, the closest possible variant with a preset selection is now used instead of the color from the profile image, so the result looks much better. Background colors are now selected based on the introductory photo – you can see the difference between the current and the previous variant in the photo gallery of this article. According to the reactions of users on Twitter, however, Facebook did not improve much even with the second variant.

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Facebook colorful background scary version Facebook colorful background scary version

Facebook colored background newer version Facebook colored background newer version

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The background color change feature is still in the experimental phase, but at least for owners of Android devices, it could be available in the next few weeks. It can be assumed that Facebook will improve this function even before it is fully published – for example, transitions and other small things could be added. The possibility of changing the background has so far only been recorded in the Facebook application for Android devices, but sooner or later apple makers are also guaranteed to see it as well.

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