FacePay24: PrivatBank will allow you to pay for purchases in person

PrivatBank has launched POS-terminals with FacePay24 technology, which allows you to pay for purchases in person. FacePay24 from PrivatBank. According to the statement of the head of service of trade enterprises of PrivatBank Evgeny Vasiltsov, now in Ukraine there are already 260 POS-terminals supporting function of payment by the person. In addition, he noted that the bank is constantly increasing the number of specialized terminals in the country. By the end of this year, the bank plans to install more than 7,700 biometric POS terminals.

Biometric POS terminal

The future is now even closer, payment in person, which a few years ago was considered fantastic, available to all customers of PrivatBank and any merchants. Most of us probably don't even have a wallet with us now, because all the cards are in the smartphone. We go further and have made public technology that allows you to shop even if you forget your home phone.

Evgeny Vasiltsov, Head of PrivatBank Retail ServicesHow to use this service: If you want to pay for your purchase in person, you need to install the latest version of Privat24 and activate payment FacePay24 Next you need to take three selfies from different angles and connect a certain bank card to your records To pay in the appropriate terminals, you must select payment in person, look at the front camera of the terminal and click "pay". After confirming the transaction with the PIN code of the selected card, the purchase will be paid. PrivatBank uses Amazon Rekognition automatic face recognition technology. This technology ensures the complete security of personal information. The bank does not save photos of users, it sends them to Amazon servers, from where the bank receives vector images.

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