Firefox Send: Mozilla is currently pausing the service

Do you use the Firefox Send service regularly? If so, you should have noticed that it is currently not possible to use it. And those who do not know the service should be brought on board quickly. It is an encrypted file transfer service, which should make it possible to share files from any browser – not just via Firefox. An app is also available. Classic file sharing service.

Why have you stopped using it? You have to make improvements because Firefox Send has been misused. Malicious attackers uploaded their malware to Firefox Send and then distributed the download links, for example via email.

In an interview with ZDNet, Colin Hardy, a British cybersecurity researcher, took the time to describe some of several features that made malware authors aware of Firefox Send. First of all, Hardy said that Firefox Send URLs are inherently trustworthy within many organizations, which means that email spam filters don't recognize Firefox Send URLs or are even configured to be Firefox Send URLs do not block. Second, cybercrime gangs do not have to invest their own time and financial resources in building a file hosting infrastructure. You can simply use Mozilla's servers.

Firefox Send will be temporarily taken offline while making improvements to the product, Mozilla said. Before the restart, an abuse reporting mechanism would be added to extend the existing feedback form, and all users wishing to share content with Firefox Send would be required to log in with a Firefox account.

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