Fishermen, eat! Interesting fishing RPG River Legends is heading for the iPhones

Fishing in video games is a fascinating topic. The popular relaxation activity in them usually takes the place of similarly soothing mini-games. However, fishing has not yet adopted many games as the main theme. But now it looks like the card is starting to turn. While the fishing RPG Moonglow Bay is aimed at large platforms, the similarly conceived River Legends: A Fly Fishing Adventure is coming to the iPhones. The upcoming piece from Dantat Studio promises to combine mechanics from role-playing games with adventure elements. The main content of the game will of course be fishing. However, in order to become the best fisherman by far, you will need to constantly improve your equipment and develop your skills.

Unlike the already mentioned fishing minigames in other games, River Legends approaches the topic more comprehensively. Not only luck and the ability to press the appropriate buttons at the right time will be enough to catch the rarest fish. The game will offer a more strategic approach, where you will have to think carefully about where you will go or what bait you will use for fly fishing. When fishing, you must then master the casting of the rod and the ability to read water currents well. River Legends, in addition to soothing standing on the river bank, also promises a good dose of adrenaline while fishing. The game will be released on April 27 and will cost you 79 crowns. You can pre-register for it on the App Store now.

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