Forthnet: Novaflix now available on TV!

Nova, a leading provider of home entertainment and communication services, has been offering the Novaflix service for almost a year now, with subscribers enjoying, through Internet streaming from all networks, favorite and award-winning movies and series, on demand or Live TV on computer, tablet and mobile. Nova now offers a renewed Novaflix service! So the subscriber has the opportunity to watch rich movie content through the new Android TV app, for enjoyable viewing on the TV screen, for free for the first month.


In more detail the Novaflix service:

Available on compatible Android TVs, TVs and media players.
It comes with smart features such as creating customized user profiles that enhance the viewing experience and tailor it to the needs and desires of the subscriber.

For a subscriber to enjoy this new TV experience, they simply need to download the app from Google Play available on their Android TV device and have an active Novaflix account.

At the same time, through the ability to use up to 3 devices in the service, each family member can enjoy their own favorite program.

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So everyone can watch the lavish view of the four channels of Novacinema, Novalife and FOX and Fox Life, as well as a wide variety of popular movies and series available at any time on demand.

The service is offered every month free of charge to everyone so they can try it without any commitments.

For more information you can visit:

Now that "WE ARE HOSTING. WE LIVE OUR »with Nova and enjoy endless hours of cinema streaming at #Novaflix!

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