Foxonn: Don't worry, the iPhone 12 will come out as usual in September

The current coronavirus pandemic has gradually crippled a number of areas of production and business. Investors in this context were concerned about the possible devastating effects on the Chinese manufacturing industry, and there is ongoing speculation about whether Apple will be able to keep the cycle of introducing new models in the usual mode. Of course, everyone's eyes were on Foxcon – one of Apple's most important suppliers. The manufacturer held a private conference call for investors this week, telling them that it was still ready for the iPhone 5G autumn release.

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Foxconn has started to produce the iPhone 12, so it is not likely to be postponed until next year


Pavel Vařenka Mar 25, 2020 10


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Apple has been following the autumn introduction of the new iPhone model since the release of the iPhone 4s, with new models usually introduced in September. If everything goes as it should, trial production of the new iPhone will begin in June. Foxconn representatives are confident that they will succeed in catching up with the delays that production has gained due to the pandemic and related travel bans. Full production should then start in September, with the possibility that some variants of the iPhone 12 will be delayed by several months.

As we all know, the iPhone 12 product line is expected to consist of four models. According to the latest reports, they should be equipped with OLED displays, with 6.7-inch, 5.4-inch, and two 6.1-inch diagonal models. Apple's new smartphones should have a redesigned chassis with sharper edges, improved cameras and 5G network support. In connection with the high-end model is also speculated about the LiDAR scanner, which is equipped with the latest iPad Pro.

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