From Apple's history: How we haven't seen AirPower

For some time now, we can also use wireless charging for iPhones. For a slightly shorter time, the iPhones also offer MagSafe charging technology. But when the first iPhones with wireless charging appeared, it looked like we were going to charge our apple smartphones with the AirPower wireless charging pad. But that did not happen in the end. What did AirPower's journey look like from the show through the promises to the final storage on the ice?

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The AirPower Wireless Charging Pad was officially unveiled at the autumn Apple Keynote on September 12, 2017. The novelty was to be used to charge a new iPhone X, iPhone 8 or a new case for second-generation AirPods, which had a wireless charging function. We all remember the shape of the AirPower pad as it was introduced by Apple in September 2017. The pad was elongated, white, and featured the simple, minimalist, sleek design typical of Apple. Enthusiastic users, however, waited in vain for the possibility of purchasing AirPower.

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We did not see the arrival of the AirPower wireless charging pad the following year either, and Apple also gradually and completely silently removed practically all mentions of this upcoming novelty from its website. It has been rumored that a number of different factors have reportedly hindered the official launch of AirPower. According to the available reports, these should have been, for example, problems with excessive unwanted overheating of the device, communication between the devices, and a number of other problems. Some sources mentioned that AirPower allegedly contained two types of coils for wireless charging, so that it could also be used to charge the Apple Watch. This was supposed to be one of the other reasons for the constant postponement of the AirPower release.

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However, rumors of a possible future arrival for AirPower have not subsided for some time. Mention of this accessory was found, for example, on the packaging of some products, some media even informed at the beginning of 2019 that it should only be a delay in the start of sales, but that we will see AirPower. But it didn't take long, and Apple's official statement dispelled any hopes that AirPower would actually come. Dan Riccio said in a statement in late March 2019 that Apple had made every effort to conclude that AirPower was unable to meet the company's high standards, so that the entire project should be put on ice for good. It was the first time Apple had decided to discontinue a product that had been officially announced but not yet released.

In August of this year, footage of the alleged AirPower pad appeared on the Internet, but with its arrival in the form in which Apple introduced it years ago, we can probably say goodbye for good.

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