From Nintendo to iPhones: Mobile Story of Seasons is commemorated in a new trailer

Relaxing life simulators are finally starting to find their way to iPhones. Following the launch of the Stardew Valley mobile, we can currently look forward to the recently announced My Time At Portia I mobile port, the long-announced Story of Seasons Mobile. So far, in information limbo, the only thing we knew about the game was that the brand owners from the Marvelous studio left the rights to develop and subsequently operate the game to the Chinese giant Tencent Studios. They finally commissioned their Next branch, which finally shows us in a new trailer what the game will look like. And it looks like a really nice relaxation in a traditionally picturesque town.

Developers, despite the fact that this is a completely new brand on mobile phones, probably don't have to worry about failure. Stardew Valley has been very successful on small screens, and Story of Seasons is a long-established brand on larger platforms. After all, it also celebrated success in Western markets, for example on the Nintendo DS portable console. The restrictions given by the smaller screen should not limit the upcoming game so much. Classic farming, fishing and other leisure activities have already proven themselves in the pocket design. Tencent has not yet released the release date, as well as whether the game will be released in Western markets at all. However, given the success of similar projects, we would be surprised if Story of Seasons on iPhones missed us.

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