Gearbest EU priority line-5 tips all you need

As one of the biggest Chinese e-shops in the world, Gearbest also has its secret weapon to win the markets-priority lines. EU priority line is the most popular shipping method to European countries and many of our fans are asking about it. Here we Gearcoupon would like to share some of our tips about Gearbest EU priority line-Is that really good?

Update: Is there any delay in shipping caused by Coronavirus?

The answer is yes. Recently we have received a lot of complaints about the slow shipping. Normally it only takes around 15 days for package via EU priority lines to be delivered. However, now many packages haven’t reached after 25 days. And trackings are even not moving! Are they lost? Actually, due to the influence of COVID-19, many airlines are canceled. It caused a lot of delay to the shipments. But normally a package won’t get lost. It just needs more time for carriers to proceed.

So, just give it more time and wait for your package. And if your package hasn’t arrived after 45 days, ask Gearbest directly for a refund.

1. Is there any customs tax via Gearbest EU priority line?

The answer is definitely no! You do not need to worry about the customs tax problem. Although Gearbest has never officially announced that there is no customs duty via EU priority line, they are still trying to imply the duty-free policy via their cooperators.

So how they make EU priority line customs-free? From our experience with the tracking numbers, they are trying to make packages look like EU local packages. For example, they have tracking numbers like CYxxxxxDE. It means the package is ‘shipped’ from Germany so customs won’t charge a cent for duty.

Gearbest EU priority line-5 tips all you need
‘Fake’ location for shipment

2. Is Gearbest EU priority line DPD reliable?

The answer is yes. EU priority line DPD is almost the best shipping method to Europe from China. The shipping fee is low and fast. The only point that won’t make you satisfied is that package shipped by EU priority line DPD can not be tracked before they reach Europe. Many people are worried about their packages because they can not get a tracking update for a long time. In this case, just be relaxed and wait more days. The tracking will be updated once the package arrives EU. Besides, don’t forget to use a Gearbest coupon code before you make an order with EU priority line.

EU priority line DPD tracking

3. What about the shipping time via Gearbest EU priority line?

According to our experience, the average shipping time to European countries is around 2 weeks. For different countries, there might be some differences. 2 weeks are quite acceptable for a customs-free global shipment.

4. How to track packages via Gearbest EU priority?

In most cases, you can track on 1tracking. You can also learn more about Gearbest order tracking in the articles below.

5. Should I buy shipping insurance for EU priority line?

In most cases, shipping via EU priority lines is really safe. However, recently we heard that some packages are missing. To prevent the loss, I still suggest you purchase insurance for Gearbest EU priority line shipping. The insurance is only around 10% of the product value but you can get 100% compensation immediately once the order is confirmed lost.

For more information, you can refer to this article:


Gearbest EU priority line provides really a good experience for us to buy from China. Take good advantages of it, and use our coupons, then you can save really a lot when shopping. So, what are you waiting for?

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