Gearbest packed but not shipped? Here is the solution.

Gearbest is a legit Chinese E-shop(why?) and many people love shopping with it. However, there are some problems you may meet when you make an order. Many Gearbest buyers have a common problem-Gearbest packed but not shipped their orders. In this post, I would like to offer my ideas to help you guys handle this case.

Gearbest packed but not shipped reason

Here are some possible reasons:

  1. Stock issues: The product in your order may be sold out when packing.
  2. Shipping method problem: The product in your order may be limited by your selected shipping method.
  3. Technical issues: Your order may have already been shipped but the system still shows packed.

Gearbest packed but not shipped solution

The solution is simple: You just need to specify your problem with Gearbest Customer Service. Gearbest Customer Service will reply in 24 hours according to their terms&policy. This should be the fastest and most convenient way.

Don’t know how to submit a ticket?

If you do not know how to submit a ticket or simply do not know what to choose in the support center interface, please follow my following guide.

  • 1. Click ‘Order’
Gearbest packed but not shipped? Here is the solution.
  • 2. Click ‘Order and tracking’
Gearbest packed but not shipped? Here is the solution.
  • 3. Click ‘Order still not shipped’
  • 4. Choose a way to communicate with the Customer Service team

Is ‘dispatch faster’ button working on Gearbest?

Trust me, this button won’t work. This is only a button to vent your emotions. The only solution to know what is exactly happening to your order is submitting a ticket.

The problem still not solved?

If your problem still can not be solved, please leave a comment and I will help you. I will reply as soon as possible.

  1. Gearbest has one order packed not shipped for over 2 weeks. I contacted them last week and there was one item, that they had out of stock. I got a refund on that item and they said, that the order will ship out in 2 business days. It has been since more and then I wrote to them AGAIN. They only assured me, that they are sending it out ASAP, but in 5 business days. I am thinking of refunding the whole order.

    • Actually they have no idea when the products will be available. So just get your money back or ask for compensation if the product can not be shipped in time.

  2. I have a order from march. After month “Registered parcel data, parcel not dispatched yet”. I cant cancel the order becahse its “shipped”. Gearbest dont help. Now I have to wait another week. Wrote to my bank for chargeback. Cant di anything else

    • Through the EU priority line? If so, give it another week. If you have still not received the package, ask for compensation then.

  3. 6 Months later and my package is still not dispatched? I want the package and not a refund as the item during purchase was on sale. Please can Gearbest assist or offer an alternative.

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