Gearbest review-What you should know before buying

Shopping from Chinese e-shops is currently very popular. Low prices, free shipping, there are many advantages over local stores. Goods that you buy in your local at $100, you can buy in Chinese e-shops for example for $70. People from all over the world enjoy shopping from China. This time, we will focus on one convenient Chinese shop GearBest. We will focus on the main topics – how to shop at GearBest, the pros and cons of purchasing. You will also learn about GearBest delivery and after-sale support at GearBest. So here we go.

What is GearBest?

GearBest is a verified Chinese e-shop based in Shenzhen. Among the well-known shopping portals and offers mainly electronics. You can also buy other products such as clothing, toys, sports equipment and tools. GearBest works similarly to Banggood, and also primarily focuses on selling diverse electronics. If you are looking for a tablet, mobile phone or laptop, go straight and visit GearBest. You will get the opportunity to buy the latest gadgets that are part of the modern market. You can even get a 20-50% discount on the products, which pays off. Buying is as simple as at a regular e-shops. And there’s no complicated purchasing process.

How to Shop at GearBest?

This e-shop has a well-arranged and intuitive website. All you need is easy to find. You can browse up to 100 categories. 

1. Create an account

To start shopping, you must create your user account. On the homepage, hover over “Sign in” and click the “Register” button.

Gearbest review-What you should know before buying

Now you have two options. You can log in using Facebook, Google+ ( ‘Sign in’ tab ) or email ( ‘Register’ tab ). If you do not want to use such a login option, go directly to the ‘Register’ tab. In this case, fill in your email address and password. Complete the registration process by typing the code from the image in the ‘Enter the code’ field. If you are interested in the terms and conditions and security of your personal information, read it before completing your registration. Then click on ‘Register’ to confirm your registration. Be sure to fill in your address and other necessary contact information in your account so you don’t have to fill it in again.

Gearbest review-What you should know before buying

Create a GearBest account

By creating a new account you get 10 points and you can get another 50 points when subscribing to the Newsletter. These points can be used as a discount on your first purchase. The currency is 50 points=1USD. To subscribe to the Newsletter, go down on the homepage, fill in your e-mail address and confirm with the ‘Subscribe’ button .

2. Instructions on how to buy

Once you have completed the registration process, you can start picking items into your cart. The website is in English, yet you will find what you are looking for, there is nothing difficult. If you are unsure of your English, you can use Google Translate to translate the entire page into your desired language. It will be a machine translation, so some translated words may be unclear.

Gearbest review-What you should know before buying

On the homepage, there are various categories of goods on the left. The layout of the page is similar to AliExpress. Below the search box, you’ll find other interesting categories, such as ‘Deals’, ‘New’ and ‘Local warehouse’ .

Gearbest review-What you should know before buying

After clicking on the product you are interested in, you will get further detailed information and product description including photos. Usually, the seller also adds videos to the product. Then you will probably need a coupon if you find an interesting product. You can check our Gearbest Coupon page to get what you need.

Check product reviews during purchase. This is important to verify that it is a reliable product. You can read the product ratings by clicking the star rating of the products. You will then be redirected to reviews.

3. Payment for orders

The order can be paid using PayPal electronic wallet or credit card (Visa, Mastercard). If you are not using PayPal, which is one of the safest forms of online payments, you can use a credit card. GearBest uses the latest security protocols. After payment, the order is considered confirmed. You can track the progress of your order by logging in to your account, and you will receive ongoing status emails.

4. GearBest delivery

The shipment usually arrives within two weeks. Once the products have been shipped, you will also be provided with a tracking number so you can track where they are. If necessary, you can contact customer service that works in English and will be happy to advise you.

5. GearBest After-sale support

Goods can be returned to the e-shop within 45 days if you are not satisfied with it. For example, if you want to exchange goods, you can send them back within 3 months of purchase. As an additional bonus, you are entitled to a free repair within 1 year. GearBest offers technical support throughout the life of your products.

If you receive items that are damaged or not working, follow the warranty process and contact the support center as soon as possible (within 7 days of receiving your order). As soon as you send back the damaged goods, new goods will be sent to you as well as the return costs. Here you shop truly risk-free. For more detailed information regarding complaints and refunds, click here .

6. Customs duties

Shipping is free of charge in most cases. The buyer does not pay duty only if it is not a high amount. Higher amounts are subject to customs duties and VAT. That’s why GearBest tries to accommodate its customers and has deployed warehouses around the world. As already mentioned, there are some Gearebst overseas warehouses. In this case, you will avoid paying customs duties and VAT.

If you receive an information letter stating that your shipment has been detained by the customs administration, you must provide proof of payment and clear the shipment.

7. GearBest advantages and disadvantages


  • Free shipping
  • Wide range of electronics and other goods
  • Quality goods at bargain prices
  • Reward for signing up 10 points + for subscribing to newsletter 50 points
  • Warehouses around the world
  • Secure payment methods that are protected by Norton


  • Slow shipment

8. GearBest Review

Before you buy items from GearBest, read some customer reviews that can help you make decisions.

“In the last two years I have ordered many things from GestBest and I have always been satisfied. This time I bought a gaming mouse for the best online price – approx. 4 EUR and I got it in great quality with free shipping. Customer service responds quickly and willingly to answer your questions. I buy many products from China and GearBest is the first choice. I can recommend.”

“I’ve been visiting this site for over 5 years, which means it’s still working very well. Customer support is reliable. offers a wide range of products. During these years I have also experienced a negative experience, but I managed to solve it with the help of customer support. They still have the opportunity to improve the discounts compared to other stores. However, GearBest is a good choice. ”

“I ordered a mobile phone that unfortunately failed to send within a week. So I canceled the order and was refunded almost immediately. Finally, it took two weeks for me to receive my payment. Due to slow payment processing on PayPal. They do not have supplies, they take your money and try to get the goods afterward. If you do not mind waiting (up to a month), it is a relatively safe choice. Additionally, keep in mind that you may be charged some VAT and VAT. “

“The merchandise didn’t arrive, but after I issued the ticket and wrote some messages, I got my money back. However, next time I would rather pay via PayPal to have double security. ”

“This site sells Chinese products. Some are great and top quality, some not so much. Which then causes problems after the sale of such goods. Payment is easy and secure, the site is intuitive and easy to navigate. ”

9. Gearbest discounts

Just like other Chinese shops, Gearbest offers really a lot of discounts, not only on their website but also on other off-site resources. Luckily we are associated with Gearbest and we got exclusive Gearbest coupons for you.

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