Get 1500 Gearbest points free? 10 Steps to do it

Recently, many of our fans are asking us a question: how to get Gearbest points free? Actually, there are many ways to get them. Here is an ultimate tutorial to help you get points and save on Gearbest. Check out carefully, guys!

1. Register a new account to get 10 points

Gearbest will directly bonus you 10 points after you have registered an account successfully. You can register one account directly via this page: Gearbest Register Page.

  • Use: 1 min
  • Get: 10 points

2. Update your profile to get 14 points

When you have had a new account, then go to ‘My Profile’. Upload your avatar and you will receive 14 points immediately.

10 best ways to get Gearbest points free of charge
  • Use: 2 mins
  • Get:14 points

3. Subscribe Gearbest newsletter to get 50 points

At the bottom of Gearbest page, you can find the blank to enter your email address to subscribe Gearbest Newsletter. After you have entered your Email address, you will get 50 points to your account.

  • Use: 1 min
  • Get: 50 points

4. Make an order to get X points from $X product value

Gearbest will directly refund you X points from $X product. For example, if a product on the page is $10, after your payment, you will get 10 points in return.

10 best ways to get Gearbest points free of charge
  • Use: $X
  • Get: X points

5. Submit a ticket for an order to get 5 points

After you have finished an order, you can send a ticket to Gearbest Customer Service for any topic to get 5 points. You can even simply say hello in the ticket to get the points.

6. Post short video reviews for an order to get 50 points

Gearbest values those customers who can post video reviews for the products they purchase. If you can post a video review for an order, you will directly get 50 points no matter how your video quality is.

  • Use: 5 mins
  • Get: 50 points

6. Post qualified video+photo reviews to get up to 140 points

10 best ways to get Gearbest points free of charge

If you are good at shooting videos and writing reviews, 70 points are really easy for you to get. The qualified review is better to be longer than 300 words, and with several photos and a video review. Then Gearbest will check your comment manually and send you 70 points after their review on your review. If your review is selected as Top 5 review, you will get double points(140 points).

  • Use: 5-30 mins
  • Get: 70-140 points

7. Video review is listed on Gearbest video community to get 50 points

If your video is listed on Gearbest video community, you will get 50 extra points. This is hard to control and depends on your luck.

  • Use: 0 min
  • Get: 0 or 50 points

8. Play special games on promotion activities to get points

On big promotions, Gearbest will have special games for customers to win. There are some lucky draws that you can get points from. For example, you can find some activities on Gearbest Black Friday 2019 promotion. So if you don’t want to miss the points, pay more attention to Gearbest promotions.

  • Use: 1-5 mins
  • Get: 2-30 points

9. Refund $X to G wallet to get X points

In some consequences, Gearbest will refund you money because of stock issues, after-sale problem or some other issues. In this case, Customer Service sometimes will offer you a chance to refund to G wallet with extra points. For example, if they refund $100 to your G wallet, you can get 100 extra points.

  • Use: 0 min
  • Get: X points

10. An alternative secret way to get Gearbest points

The alternative secret way to get Gearbest points is to ‘brush points’ via Gearbest Ticket system. It works just as a free Gearbest points generator. It means you can generate points from 0 to over 1000 points. If you are interested in this way, you can contact Gearcoupon by Messenger or Email. We will teach you by step.

  • Use: 1-14 days
  • Get: 50-1000 points


So, if you follow the 10 steps above carefully and talk to Gearcoupon, you can get around 1500 points free of charge in total. Even if you are lazy, you can still get 74 points at least. Hope this article helps you with your shopping on Gearbest.

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