Get a bonus of CZK 1,500 to buy the iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max

Commercial message: Would you like to buy one of the iPhones 11 and at the same time have an old iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac rolling in your home? Then we have great news for you. If you now decide to buy your new iPhone from iStores, you will receive a redemption bonus of CZK 1,500 to buy your old Apple product. Thanks to that, buying a new one will be significantly cheaper.

The principle of using the bonus is quite simple. Everyone who buys an iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max from iStores until the end of August and sells their old device for a fee is entitled to it. To the purchase price, which will be the maximum possible due to its condition, the seller will add another 1500 crowns, which will result in a new iPhone cheaper. Of course, the purchase price decreases with the age of the product sold and its condition.

If you are interested in the offer and would like to find out how to use it, head to the iStores website and have your old product priced. It's a matter of a few seconds and what's more – online pricing usually doesn't get too far (or at all) away from reality. For example, if you get rid of the iPhone 8 64GB with normal signs of wear and tear, you will get 6500 crowns for it from iStores and another 1500 crowns as a bonus for buying one of the iPhones 11. If you decide to exchange the "eight" for iPhone 11 Pro with 64 GB storage , it will suddenly cost you CZK 21,990 instead of the usual CZK 29,990.

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