Getting the most out of Apple Maps on Mac

Most of us probably use Apple Maps most often on their iPhone in the field. But there are also plenty of options for Apple Maps for Mac, where you can use it for route planning and other useful purposes. Let's take a look at the basics of operating Apple Maps on a Mac that every user should know.

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Search for a place


Apple Maps macOS zadat misto Apple Maps macOS enter the location

Apple Maps macOS vyhledat mista na mape Apple Maps macOS search locality on the map

Apple Maps macOS cil informace Apple Maps macOS goal information

Apple Maps macOS Sdilet odeslat na iPhone Apple Maps macOS Sdilet send to iPhone
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Just like in iOS, you can search for a variety of locations on Apple Maps in macOS, ranging from states, cities, villages, landmarks to landmarks or natural locations around the world. There are several ways to find a place on Apple Maps on a Mac. One of them is Siri's assistant, who can be asked to find the nearest museum, bus stop or hospital. You can read about how to work with Siri on Mac here. Alternatively, you can type an old known term into the search box.

When you click or press Enter, you will see red pins on the map indicating the points – click on the pins to learn more and start planning a route. Depending on the type of object, clicking on the red pin will give you, for example, information about the website, opening hours, availability of Apple Pay, as well as the option to contact or add the subject to your address book. You can enter postcodes, object names, street crossings or even the names of monuments, services or companies, and of course GPS coordinates in the maps.

Get directions


Apple Maps macOS Trasa podrobnosti o trase Apple Maps macOS Route details of the route

Apple Maps macOS Trasa 1 Apple Maps macOS Route 1

Apple Maps macOS trasa satelitni zobrazeni Apple Maps macOS route satellite view

Apple Maps macOS Trasa verejna doprava 1 Apple Maps macOS 1
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You can plan your route in Apple Maps on Mac really simply, quickly and conveniently. Plus, you can instantly send it to your iOS device to take with you on the go. You can enter a route either from your current real location or from a selected location on the map. Enter your travel destination in the search box and click “Directions” on the left. You can then specify the starting point of your route in the left panel. You can then click Drive, Walk, or Traffic. If you need to take a closer look at any of the waypoints, just click it in the left sidebar. Click the “Reverse Direction” button to swap start and destination, then select an alternate route on the map. Click “Details” for each point in the left panel to see navigation details.

Check out time of departure or arrival


Apple Maps macOS trasa verejna doprava nastavit prijezd Apple Maps macOS route public transport set arrival

Apple Maps macOS Trasa verejna doprava nastavit odjezd Apple Maps macOS Transit route set departure

Apple Maps macOS Trasa verejna doprava Brzy se vydejte na cestu Apple Maps macOS Get directions Get started
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If you choose a public transit option when planning your route, you can enter a scheduled departure time and get accurate timetable information immediately. However, you can also enter a time on Maps when you want to reach your destination. In the left panel you will find a drop-down that says “Get on the road soon”. Click on it and enter the time horizon in which you want to go. If you select the “Custom” option, you can choose whether to adapt your travel proposal to the time of departure from the place or vice versa. To send a route to your iOS device from your Mac, click Share on the toolbar and select the device you want.

View more information


Apple Maps macOS trasa satelitni zobrazeni Apple Maps macOS route satellite view

Apple Maps macOS rezimy zobrazeni Apple Maps macOS display modes
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Apple Maps on Mac lets you view a variety of information about your route, weather conditions, or traffic. In the bottom left corner of the map you will find a drop-down menu called “View”. Here, you can choose whether you want to see weather information on the map (this information can be found in the upper right corner of the map), traffic (orange on the map indicates slowdown, red traffic lights, traffic accidents, road works or closures are marked with the tag).

Dark mode and map display modes


Apple Maps macOS tmava mapa Dark Mode Apple Maps macOS dark map Dark Mode

Apple Maps macOS svetla mapa v tmavem rezimu Apple Maps macOS light map in dark mode
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Similar to Apple Maps for iOS, you can easily change how they appear in Maps on Mac. On the right side of the top bar you will find buttons for switching the map display type, in the bottom right corner you will find a 3D display button. Use a combination of 3D and satellite map view for aerial imagery. If you are viewing maps with dark mode enabled on your Mac, you can change the view by clicking View -> Use Dark Map in the toolbar at the top of your Mac screen.

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