Google Camera 8.1 Xiaomi, now available to download

The popular Google Camera 8.1 app is now available for all Android users who have a smartphone that does not belong to the Google Pixel series, being usable on Xiaomi smartphones.

This mod from GCam brings us in a stable way the latest version that Google has developed for its Pixel terminals, being installable in most smartphones.

Improvements that Google Camera 8.1 brings us to our Xiaomi or Android smartphone

As we will see as soon as we install the app that you can download from this link, it receives a new interface design, as well as several adjustments that we can now make, these being the ones that XDA Developers and Xataka anticipate in their respective news articles:

All necessary first startup fixes added Added a system to correct saturation on devices with dull colors Added an option to disable tracking focus Added an option to disable moving photos Added OPModes to fix EISS Added Accesses in the drop down menu to enable / disable AWBSabre (codename for Super Resolution Zoom), disabled on unsupported sensors An option has been added to choose between Pixel 2, Pixel 3, IMX586 and IMX686 AWB Improved colors on the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Added An option to disable synthetic fill flash Added an option to disable automatic night view in portraits and photos

So if you are one of those who like to try different configurations in photography and video, this mod of the Google Camera 8.1 is made for you, for your Xiaomi or Android smartphone, without distinction of brand or model.

For many users, the Google Camera 8.1 app is of great value as it improves the results obtained by the native camera app installed on our Xiaomi or Android smartphone in day and night circumstances. Although you have to be aware that some smartphones may not work quite as expected, especially on smartphones with Snapdragon 845 from Samsung or OnePlus.

In my case, I have installed the Google Camera 8.1 app on the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro and it works as expected. Of course, if you have another version of Google Camera, you must uninstall before installing this new version of Google Camera 8.1 on your Xiaomi or Android smartphone.

Remember that in this article we explain how Google Camera works and the results it seeks to offer in our hands.

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