Google Heads Up helps you look ahead when you walk

Digital Wellbeing, the Google tool designed to counteract the increasingly visible negative effects caused by the misuse of our smartphones, has incorporated a new function, still under development, designed to alert us if we go overboard by looking at our mobile while we walk. Heads Up by Google, is the new Digital Wellbeing function is currently available only on Pixel phones such as the Pixel 3a and 3a XL and in the beta version of the app and it works by giving you permission to detect the Physical Activity and Location of Location parameters. our mobile.

This new Google tool to improve the use and our security when we use the mobile, may not be fully functional in practice.

Google heads up

For now, Heads Up may be halfway there, because even when it detects that, indeed, we are spending too much time looking at the mobile while walking, this new Digital Wellbeing function does not stop or make any changes to the device to avoid it, simply its function is limited to a simple notification that asks you to raise your head and stop looking at your phone, something that can be easily ignored by users.

Although Digital Wellbeing joins the list of functions designed for digital well-being, increasingly necessary taking into account the large number of accidents that go in one way or another due to improper use by mobile users (mistakes driving, not looking at the road and getting hit, etc.) Google Heads Up may not be the best addition.

With the small number of users who have been able to try this one, more if we consider that most can only use the beta version, we will have to wait for more widespread use to see if both users and Google see it functional enough as To keep the.

As of today, if it is not updated at the level of functions, simple notifications may not be enough for its activation by users and therefore for its maintenance within Digital Wellbeing.

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