Google Photos: Automatic backup of Messenger device folders currently disabled

If you are one of those users who include the automatic backup of Google Photos to back up their media on their smartphone, then you should take a look at your backup settings (tap on the profile picture at the top right> Google Photos Settings> Back-up & Sync> Device folder to back up). As Google now announces, the company has currently deactivated the automatic backup of device folders that can be assigned to messenger apps (Telegram, WhatsApp and Co.) in all installations.

As a reason, the company states that in times of Corona, significantly more pictures and videos would be shared via these services and accordingly the upload load from the corresponding device folders would also be higher than usual. The measure is intended to save the necessary resources, so it should be considered whether and which folders you want to reactivate manually for automatic backup. A corresponding message informing about the provisional deactivation should be displayed to all users of the service in the coming days.

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