He sent a letter with AirTage to Apple Park, and the answer returned

That you can really come up with a lot of uses for AirTags, even the fun ones, is practically no secret since their introduction. After all, many stories have flowed through the Internet since then, for example about sending AirTag by post to another country and its subsequent tracking via Find. The German youtuber from the MegaLag channel has now decided to do something similar, but he did not bother and instead of his friends he sent AirTag straight to Apple boss Tim Cook to Apple Park. And to make matters worse, he sent another to Elon Musk and someone in North Korea.

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While the AirTags were not very interesting for Muska and North Korea, as the first arrived at Tesla's headquarters and was apparently liquidated, and the second place in North Korea arrived in South, the AirTag was more than interesting for Apple's boss. He actually arrived at Apple Park, stayed there for six long weeks and then Apple was sent to the return address to Germany, which is quite surprising in itself. But that's not all. When you untied the package with AirTage from Apple Park, he found in it, in addition to its locator, also a letter directly from Apple. It wasn't from Tim Cook, but it certainly pleased him. Specifically, it read:

"Dear Jonathan,

Thank you for participating in your project with Apple AirTags. We are very happy to hear about the creative use of AirTags and how they manage to improve the lives of our customers. As you can probably imagine, Mr. Cook receives hundreds of letters every month from customers like you. Unfortunately, he is not able to respond to every request. However, we hope that you will continue to enjoy AirTags – all the more so as it now returns from its unique journey around the world! ”

You can watch the videos in which youtuber describes his experiments below. It is definitely worth it, although of course they are not in the Czech language.

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