Edifier TWS5 review-Is it worth to buy?

Founded in 1996, EDIFIER is the second largest professional multimedia audio company in the world. For many years, Edifier has focused on the development and application of audio technology. Its product line covers multimedia computer speakers, home audio, car audio, headphones, and other fields. It is known for its quality and design. Today I would like to share my review on Edifier TWS5 earbuds. We will find if Edifier TWS 5 is good.


1. Unboxing of Edifier TWS5

Let’s have a looking at its packaging. Very simple design.

Edifier TWS5 review
Edifier TWS5 review

The front is the product photo, with the product name Edifier TWS5.

Edifier TWS5 review

The backside has a product introduction.

The light gray background is just gorgeous. Let’s unbox it and look inside the box.

The whole body is black. The earbuds and the charging box are placed separately in the box. The manual and the charging cable are placed in a small black box. And the overall design is just simple.

Here you can see all the accessories:

Edifier tws 5 review

It comes with the headphones, charging box, 3*ear caps (L / M / S ), USB charging cable, manual & warranty card.

Edifier tws 5 review
Edifier tws 5 review
Edifier tws 5 review

The charging box is very compact with a matte texture. It is easy to carry with the lightweight. The earphone + charging box is a total of 54grams. There are indicators both on the charging box and on the headphones. When the charging box is opened, the green indicator light of the outer casing will be on, indicating the power (three grids are full); the earphone will also be on. And the red state indicates that you need to charge it.

Edifier tws 5 review
Edifier tws 5 review

2. Usage of Edifier TWS5

  1. Operation: It is very convenient to operate. You can start, pause and switch songs through the touch control on each earbud. But it is a pity that the touch control does not support the volume control. The response is sensitive. But sometimes it will cause misoperation. The Bluetooth connection is fast when you take out the earbuds from the charging box.
  2. In-ear feelings: The earbuds look big, but it’s quite convenient in the ears. It doesn’t squeeze the ears. It’s soft to stay in the ear holes. It will not drop when you shake your head. The left and the right earbud can be used separately, which is also very convenient.
  3. Sound quality: The sound quality is full and the performance is good. But you can not control the volume through the touch control. There is a little current sound in the quiet. But most of the time it doesn’t matter. The noise canceling is relatively strong.
  4. Battery: The battery life is quite good. After 7 hours I still haven’t used it up. The charging time is around 1-2 hours. The fully charged charging box can charge the earbuds 3 times.
  5. Waterproof: Edifier TWS5 has IPX5 waterproof. When you use it in the rainy days, it won’t get influenced.

3. Summary of Edifier TWS 5


  1. The design is simple. And the matte texture is excellent. It is not easy to slip off. it is light and portable.
  2. The sound quality is good with a strong performance. The noise-canceling function is useful. You can hear voices clearly in a noisy place.
  3. The touch control is convenient. And the operation is simple and easy to use.
  4. The battery life is good.


  1. Touch control does not support volume control.
  2. Touch control is too sensitive. Sometimes there are misoperations.

So in one word, Edifier TWS5 is worth it. It has many more pros than cons. What do you think? Will you buy it?

  1. 1. How was the experience when using TWS5 while watching Netflix, YouTube, etc? Or while playing mobile games? Did you notice any audio delays esp. when paired with Android?
    2. Did you experience any lags when used while walking, jogging, or running?

    • Hi Anon,
      The delay does exist when listing to music or watching videos and playing games. However, due to Bluetooth v.50 technology, the delay is not huge. I can live with it. As for the lag, sometimes it did happen. But it is not a frequent thing.

  2. Does it have active noise cancelling like the jabra’s?

  3. No doubt Edifier TWS5 😀

  4. Best review ever…really helps

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