Holidays abroad: How (not only) to find out, via iPhone, which coronavirus measures apply where

Although the holiday abroad was a complete sci-fi for the vast majority of the Czech Republic a few months ago due to the miserable pandemic situation, thanks to a significant improvement, it is now still feasible. However, the truth is that not all countries are doing as well with the daily numbers of infected people as the Czech Republic, which is why tougher anti-epidemic measures must continue to apply to knowledge, even in terms of the arrival of tourists from abroad. Fortunately, however, there is a relatively simple way to "knock out" foreign coronavirus measures.

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Pavel Jelič 14. 6. 2021 0

The Ministry of the Interior launched a new microsite a few days ago on its website dedicated to coronavirus available at And that's where you can easily find out what it is like to travel abroad. Although the microsite offers so far "only" information about the most common holiday destinations in the Czech Republic, more and more countries are gradually adding to it, so it is very likely that you will find the answer to your questions about trips abroad on this site. What is great is that, in addition to a lot of information, the site also contains, for example, a telephone number and e-mail address for Czech embassies in the given countries, which can be contacted in case of any major problems. As a result, traveling in the summer could be quite similar to what we knew in 2019.

You can find the page with information about trips abroad here

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