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Commercial Communication: Because we also work from home, we will be happy to help you with some accessories tips to make your work easier. For this we have prepared a new category “Home office” for you at AppleMix.cz.

When buying accessories it is good to think about what you want to attach. Today's Apple devices have few ports and no docking station / replicator to them more cable than the charging barely plug.

We offer a wide range of video cables and adapters, USB-C, Mini DisplayPort, WiFi-HDMI, HDMI-HDMI. It only depends on the output of your device and the input of the device you want to connect. For your convenience, we offer a selection of accessories for each Apple device.


Video Output: Connect your MacBook to an external monitor, TV, or projector using HDMI video reduction.
USB-C connector
Thunderbolt / mini DisplayPort connector

Connecting external accessories (Flash, SD card, USB-A, etc.) – For MacBooks with USB-C, we recommend that you purchase a multi-output docking station to connect external accessories

Chargers: original or unoriginal.

AppleMix.cz MacBook


Video output: Reduction for connection to external monitor or TV:

USB-C connector (iPad Pro)

lightning connector (iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini)

Connecting external accessories: For iPad Pro, we recommend that you purchase an adapter / adapter

Faster and more convenient typing: original bluetooth keyboard or keyboard that is already included in the iPad case

Pencil instead of fingers: treat yourself and children with Apple Pencil – you can write, draw with it and if your iPad doesn't support Apple Pencil, get other styluses and pencils

iPad for your children: a good case for children and tempered glass Your iPad is sure to protect if you give it to your little ones.

Kids App: here's tips for apps that not only make kids 100% entertained Procreate – drawing, Duolingo – English, YouTube Kids – endless well of videos for kids

AppleMix.cz iPad iPhone


Another clever way to enjoy working from home is to get rid of the noise of the surroundings. Headphones will help you. The cry of children will no longer take you out of concentration on work.

External batteries (Power bank)

If you do not enjoy it at home and go on a longer walk so do not forget the external battery for iPhone

Other tweaks

Another great help is the charging stand from BELKIN Power House, for wireless charging of your iPhone and Apple Watch or charging station with 8 USB ports.

Do not forget about the charger and the sync and charging cables so that your “apples” have a good juice.

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