How Apple attracts to the introduction of iPhones 13 on Twitter

The introduction of the iPhones 13 knocks on the door, which is the only thing for Apple – the fuss around it needs to be fanned as much as possible. He is now trying to do so on Twitter through hashflags, which have become a kind of tradition for him.

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Introducing the iPhone 13

Jiří Filip

7. 9. 2021


Hashflag was used by Apple for the first time last September at Keynote, where it unveiled a new generation of iPads Air and Apple Watch. A month later, he repeated the same, albeit with different graphics, when introducing the iPhones 12 with the HomePody mini and then the first Macs with Apple Silicon processors. We also saw a special hashflag at the first Keynote this year, which brought new iMacs, AirTags, Apple TV and iPads Pro, or at WWDC. It will probably not surprise you that even the first autumn Keynote could not be missed by the California giant with a hashflag. How to "activate" it?

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The answer to the above question is very simple. All you have to do is tweet #AppleEvent on Twitter. As soon as you do so, a blue-pink Apple logo will appear next to the hashtag, identical in design to the one used by Apple in the invitation to the event. So this is a nice element that can make your Twitter special and which can draw more than good attention to the discovery of new iPhones. In the text, everyone will notice it.

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