How Black Friday reflected in the number of iOS app installs

The world was overwhelmed by a shopping spree last week. Everything happened thanks to Black Friday, during which shops attracted customers for really significant discounts. This event, as pointed out by Sensor Tower analysts, has also impacted the App Store's download app ranking.


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According to data provided by the analyst, 1.8 million installations in the Apple Online Shop category were made this year, up 8% year on year. Black Friday was a big part of this issue. On November 29, the Top 10 Shopping apps received a total of 527,000 downloads, up 11% year over year. This day, 28.8% of all installations in this category took place this year. At the same time, it was Black Friday, during which the most app installs took place since the founding of the Shopping category in 2015. As you can see in the gallery on the side of the paragraph, Walmart was the most downloaded application in this category. Likewise, you can see how the popularity of smartphone shopping has grown over the years.

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  Jiří Filip 12 hours 19 min ago

Adobe also came up with interesting data. According to their analysts, $ 14 billion of mobile payments were made during the holiday period, which means shopping via smartphones will be directly responsible for half the increase in total shopping during the holiday season. It should be added that these are data from the United States of America. Shopping frenzy in the form of Black Friday was also in our country. Did you buy some apple electronics?

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