How to Activate and Change Sleep Schedule on iPhone

With the advent of the watchOS 7 operating system, Apple has finally come up with a native application for measuring and analyzing sleep. Of course, this native application works well, but in terms of advanced features, it's still better to anchor the competition. If you still actively use Sleep on Apple Watch, you can have all the data displayed on your iPhone in the Health application. Specifically, you can look at the average time in bed, the average sleep time or, for example, whether you have slept more or less on average in recent days. It is also necessary to set a Sleep Schedule for the ideal Sleep function.

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How to Activate and Change Sleep Schedule on iPhone

If you have just purchased a new Apple Watch, or if you have not yet measured your sleep, it is necessary to set (or adjust) your Sleep Schedule. Thanks to it, you can set when the convenience store is automatically activated every day and when the iPhone starts waking you up in the morning. Proceed as follows:

First, you need to open the native Health app on your iOS device.

Once you have done so, click on the Browse box in the bottom menu.

Now you need to find and click on the Sleep line in the Health Category.

Within this section, scroll down below to find the Your Schedule category.

Then click on Full schedule and options to find yourself in the schedule settings.
If you do not have the schedule activated, activate the Sleep Schedule at the top.

Below, all you have to do is set or adjust the schedule.

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Until recently, the iOS operating system was part of the iOS operating system. With it, you could set when you go to bed, which automatically activated the sleep mode. In addition, you could of course also set the alarm time. However, the problem with the Convenience Store was that you could only set one alarm time for all days, which of course may not suit everyone – we can get up at different times on different days. This is what Sleep solves, through which you can set up a convenience store and an alarm clock for individual days, exactly according to your needs.

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