How to activate and set the Do Not Disturb While Driving feature on iPhone

Lately, I've been meeting more and more with drivers holding a phone in their hand while driving. What we lie about, holding the phone while driving is definitely not right – since there are various hands-free solutions, thanks to which you do not have to worry about the phone at all. However, it is interesting to think that making phone calls and operating on the phone while driving is prohibited, but smoking is not prohibited in any case. Now try to find yourself in a situation where your phone or cigarette falls while driving. What will be worse in this case? Probably each of us knows the answer. Apple cares about the safety and health of its consumers, so in addition to other features to iOS also added When driving do not disturb. This feature can be activated whenever you sit in your car, which is definitely useful. Let's see how to do it together.

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How to activate the Do Not Disturb feature while driving on iPhone

If you want to activate the Do not disturb while driving function within iOS, then this is not complicated. Just follow this procedure:

First, open the native Settings app on your iOS device.

Once you've done so, scroll down and click Don't Disturb.

Then go all the way down until you find yourself in the Do Not Disturb category while driving.

Now click on the box labeled Activate.

After clicking, you can set how the Do Not Disturb is activated during driving:

Automatic: the function is activated based on movement;

When connected to Bluetooth in the car: the function is activated when the device is connected to the vehicle;

Manual: you will have to activate the function manually from the control center.

Below you can then set that Do Not Disturb is automatically activated when connected to CarPlay.

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This is how you activated Do Not Disturb When Driving – but what does this function do at all? Simply put, it will limit your notice while driving. As for calls, you will only be able to receive them if you are connected to Bluetooth or another hands-free interface. IPhone can automatically send the message you specify to all the contacts who try to call you, but you keep active while driving. If you want to change it, just click on Answer text. Above in the Automatically reply section, you can then choose which contacts this SMS message will receive – it is available to either Nobody, Last, Favorites or All contacts.

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