How to activate Inspector on a Mac to quickly view file information

If you need to view all the information about a file within macOS, such as the size, resolution, and other metadata for a photo, all you have to do is right-click on it and select Information. However, the problem occurs if you need to quickly and easily view information about multiple files in a row. Of course, it offers the possibility to display several windows with information, but this will quickly fill the entire desktop, which is not entirely ideal. Even in this situation, however, Apple engineers thought and prepared a simple function.

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How to activate Inspector on a Mac to quickly view file information

If you need to check the metadata of several different files in quick succession on your Mac, you can activate the so-called Inspector, which can always display the necessary information about the file you click on without unnecessary clicking. To view the Inspector, just follow the steps below:

First, you need to find the first file in the Finder for which you want to view information. Once you have done so, right-click or double-click on a specific file.
This will open a pop-up menu. You now need to hold down the Option key on your keyboard.
Some menu items change. Click the Inspector box that appears in place of the Information box. Then a new small window will open with information about the file. You can now release the option.
The inspector will always show you information about the file you have marked.
So if you want to view information about another file, just click on it.

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The Inspector within the Finder can undoubtedly make everyday operation easier for some users. The truth, of course, is that the use of the Inspector is not appropriate in all cases. For example, if you need to compare two files with each other, it is better to open the classic Information window separately for each individual file. If you need to quickly view information about individual files, all you have to do is mark them in the classic way. Then right-click on one of the highlighted files and click Information. This will display information about all marked files in each window.

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