How to Avoid Kids from Doodling Here and There at Home? This is the Perfect Solution!

Does your kid use the pen and draw on the wall, table, and even sofa? Actually, the little one needs a lot of paper for his creation and imagination.

If only you have such a thing that can be used endless times! A blackboard? Or a whiteboard? If you use one, you may also need to buy chalk or marker pen. What’s worse? How to deal with the dust or the ink? It is so difficult to maintain a clean house.

Today, we’re going to introduce to you a digital LCD drawing tablet for your kid. It’s a new arrival in Xiaomi Mijia. 

The 10-inch LCD drawing board allows your kid to fully develop his/her creativity. Your sweetie can use it as a notebook to put to-do lists, solve math problems; as a canvas for drawing!

It is like a blackboard, which comes with a pen, with which green lines can be drawn. The thickness of the lines varies according to the pressure from the pen point. 

The drawing/writing can be cleared immediately via the button on the LCD board. Moreover, you can do it repetitively.

Using the pen on the LCD drawing tablet is even more pleasing than writing on anything else. Thanks to the diffuse reflection, the LCD drawing tablet can protect the eye, avoiding eye strain.

Powered by a built-in battery, the LCD drawing tablet can work for 12 months in a year Theoretically, kids can write/draw 50 thousand times on it without replacing the button cell battery.

More impressively, it uses the patented fifth-generation flexible screen developed by Dr. Lee from Liquid Crystal Institute in the United States. The product is of high quality, with CE, FCC, RoHS certification.

The LCD drawing tablet is made of ABS and PC, with round edges. As light as 190 grams, it is extremely portable. There are two color options, including pink and green. 

It’s not just a toy, but a great tool to record the flash of inspiration for kids.

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