How to best sell an old MacBook

In yesterday afternoon, we saw the introduction of the new 13 ″ MacBook Pro. This model ended the era of the Butterfly keyboard with a butterfly mechanism, as you will no longer find a Butterfly keyboard on Apple's MacBook website from yesterday afternoon. It was replaced by the so-called Magic Keyboard, which is based on the classic scissor mechanism. If this is one of the aspects that you want to switch to a new Mac, or you want to improve and move from a 13 ″ model to a larger 16 ″, then this article will definitely come in handy. Let's talk about how you can best sell your old MacBook as best you can.

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Data transfer and backup

Most users who use a MacBook for work cannot afford to sell it first and then look for a replacement. In most cases, you only sell an old MacBook when you have a new one at home. If this is your case, then transferring all the files is more than easy. All you have to do is start up your new MacBook, go through the settings and choose to transfer data from your old Mac. Then just bring the two devices closer together and wait until the data transfer is complete. This is probably one of the most common scenarios.

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If you're going to sell your MacBook before you buy a new one, you need to back up your data in some way. In this case, you have two options – either you reach for the good old backup with a wire, or with a flash drive or external drive, or you can upload all the data to iCloud. Backing up with external media is easy and there's no need to explain it – simply connect it to your old Mac, drag and drop data onto it, and then paste it back into your new Mac. If you use macOS to store all data from the Desktop and Documents on iCloud, then you don't have to worry about anything at all – the data on iCloud will remain and will be automatically downloaded after logging in to your Apple ID on the new Mac.

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Erase disk and delete from iCloud

Once you have the old data transferred to the new MacBook, or as soon as you have it backed up on the iCloud or external drive, all you have to do is completely erase the old MacBook and install the new macOS in it. To do this, turn off your MacBook completely. After turning off, hold down the Command + R shortcut on the keyboard, and then turn on the device. You hold down the keys until the Apple logo appears on the screen. After loading, you will appear in macOS Recovery, where you just run the Disk Utility. Then select your internal hard drive here and delete it using the tool at the top of the window. Once deleted, return to the macOS Recovery main menu and select the new macOS installation option. Then just wait for the system to download, install and boot. You can turn off your MacBook after starting and displaying the Home screen. Once you've completed the process above, all you need to do is go to your device section on your iPhone or iPad (or and remove your old MacBook from your account. This prepares the device for registration of the new owner.

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Cleaning and disinfection

Now comes the improvement of the cosmetic side of the device. Honestly, he would probably never buy a MacBook from you if you wanted to sell it to him with dirty keys and a whole dirty body in general. It is therefore very important to thoroughly clean the entire device. Personally, to clean my MacBook, I use the disinfectant I wipe the chassis itself, along with the keyboard. However, never spray disinfectant directly on the device, but in a cloth. A cotton swab, again soaked in disinfectant, can be used to clean the gaps between the keys. Never use disinfectant on the screen – you could damage the oleophobic layer. Disinfection is all the more important in the current coronavirus situation. Always wipe the display with a clean microfiber cloth and soak it in clean water. This will remove the most dirt. Finally, polish the display with a special dry microfiber cloth. Also pay attention to connectors, which can also be dirty or full of dust. In this case, however, make sure your MacBook is completely turned off.

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Photos for advertisement

After completing the cleaning, it is necessary to take photos for the advertisement. The photos should catch your eye at first glance, so don't be afraid to take them with a mirror camera or a newer phone. Photography is often the only thing a buyer sees on a page with other ads. If you don't have a device that can create nice photos, ask someone to take a photo. The photos have to be really perfect. Don't be afraid to add as many of them to the ad as possible, and at the same time take a picture of all the shortcomings that the MacBook has – various scratches, tapped corners, scratches or scratches on the display. The potential buyer will see that you are not hiding anything and you will gain more trust.

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Once you have the photos ready, start writing an ad. The ad must not lack all the information you know about the device. At the same time, it is very important that the advertisement is written grammatically correctly, simply and concisely. If you do not dare to write an advertisement, ask someone or use the templates below. In the case of a MacBook, the ad must include the year of manufacture, processor, RAM, graphics card, storage, and its type (you can find this information by clicking  in the upper left corner, and then About this Mac). At the same time, write in the text about the disadvantages and dark sides of your device. If you have any accessories for the device (polycarbonate packaging, etc.), be sure to pack them with the device and mention them in the advertisement. Of course, you can also pack a box from the device (which is useful if the buyer will have the device as a gift), and you are also expected to provide the buyer with a charger. Below is an example of a correctly written ad:

Example of an advertisement

I am selling a 13 ″ MacBook Air 2018, 256 GB, dual-core Intel Core i5, Intel UHD 617, 8 GB RAM in Space Gray. The chassis is scratched from the bottom, there are small scratches on the trackpad. The display is like new without a single scratch. The device was purchased on November 19, 2018 from Alza, the warranty is valid for two years, ie. until November 19, 2020. I will add a charger, an original box and a polycarbonate case in black to the device. The price is 19,990 crowns, I am willing to discount if you negotiate quickly.

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Where to place an ad?

There are countless different advertising portals available on the Internet, where you can place your advertisement – all you have to do is write advertisements in the search engine. However, exclusively for Apple devices, I can recommend you our own bazaar, Letem svět applem, which contains several hundred different advertisements – and yours can be found for free. To add an advertisement, move to the LsA bazaar, then click on Add advertisement, fill in the requisites and it is done.

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