How to best set up iCloud on Apple devices

iCloud is, as the name suggests, a cloud service operated by Apple. Thanks to this cloud service, you can have virtually all your data backed up, both from your iPhone or iPad, or from your Mac. Thanks to the use of iCloud, you can then access your data from anywhere, and you can also use synchronization. For example, a note written on an iPhone will appear in the Notes app on a Mac (and other devices listed under your Apple ID) without you having to take any extra action.

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All users who created an Apple ID account received the basic 5 GB on Apple from iCloud completely free of charge. What are we going to lie about – 5 GB is not quite much nowadays, so users are forced to pay extra for more space on iCloud. You can choose either 50 GB for 25 crowns per month, 200 GB for 79 crowns per month or 2 TB for 249 crowns per month. The differences between each tariff are quite large and Apple can definitely calculate the whole situation. It often happens that the user does not have enough 50 GB on iCloud, but on the other hand, 200 GB is unnecessarily much for him. The same thing often happens in a family where 200 GB is not enough for you, but 2 TB is too much. So let's take a look at how you can best set up iCloud not only if you need to save just a few GB to fit into your tariff.

Photos and used applications do not!

One of the most valuable intangible things one can possess is memories. You can easily remember your memories with photos or videos. This means that you should definitely focus on iCloud, especially photos and videos that you definitely don't want to lose. So if you need to drive up a few GB of storage, you shouldn't do so by turning off photos on iCloud. If you lost photos, it would certainly cost you more than if you lost some procedure or data from your favorite game. In the same way, you should not skimp on notes or even comments, in which most of us have a lot of very important data stored. Even though it is not recommended, many of us have some passwords or access data and other important things stored in the Notes. Therefore, Notes or other native applications that you use should not be a "victim" if you want to save space on iCloud.

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Duplicate photos and screenshots yes!

On the other hand, photos are very often one of the items that takes up the most space on iCloud. By deleting some photos, you can get a few extra gigabytes of free space, which can help you. Many users don't manage their photos, and while using iPhone, they can accumulate hundreds or thousands of photos in their memory that they don't need. These include duplicate photos, blurred photos, or screenshots. So try to sort your photos or screenshots, and then don't forget to delete them from Recently Deleted. Various applications on the App Store, such as Gemini, can help you remove duplicates.

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Data on iCloud Drive

An important chapter is if the iCloud Drive is set up correctly. Many users do not use iCloud Drive at all, but they can still inadvertently store some data in it. If you want to check iCloud Drive and possibly delete some data from it, you can do so in the case of iPhone and iPad in the Files application, on Mac or MacBook then just click Finder and in the left menu the iCloud Drive section. You can easily view unnecessary data on the iCloud Drive on your iPhone or iPad in Settings -> your profile -> iCloud -> Manage storage -> iCloud Drive. In the Manage Repositories section, you can see how much storage other applications use on iCloud. If you click on a certain application here, you can delete certain data or set the application data to not be backed up to iCloud. In this section, pay attention to various games that you have not played for a long time. These games can often take up a lot of space on iCloud by storing different data or progress from the game. So if you stop playing a game and know you never want to play it again, delete its data from iCloud.

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Data from Mac

You can also free up space on iCloud on your Mac. This is because users can have an active function here, where data is automatically sent from the Desktop and the Documents folder to the iCloud Drive. Thanks to this, you can view all your data on other devices, but whatever we lie about, on the desktop or in documents on a Mac, each of us can have several GB of different data, which we simply do not need for immediate access on all devices. If you want to save some data on iCloud, you should consider this setting and move important data on iCloud Drive manually and not automatically. To disable this feature on a Mac, go to System Preferences, click the Apple ID section, then left-click iCloud. Here, just click on the Options button i for iCloud Drive and deactivate the automatic sending of data from the desktop and documents to iCloud Drive.

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Of course, something different is important for everyone. Most of us take photographs as an irreplaceable thing, and the idea that we could lose them is unrealistic. However, one may not think that he would lose his notes or some other data. So you need to think about what you really need and don't need to store on iCloud. Accordingly, it is enough to activate (de) automatic backup of certain things on iCloud. This allows you to get a few extra GB of free space on the iCloud, which you can use to back up other data.

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